A lifetime best time of 37:04 achieved at Stubbington Green 10K, 14th Jan 2018.
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17 Jun 2018Eastleigh 10K38:0603:48min/km125th70.07%
20 May 2018Southampton AC 10K37:3903:46min/km29th70.94%
22 Apr 2018Southampton 10km - 17th out of 2,253 - ok, I guess; super hot; now off to Wembley39:21---
14 Jan 2018Stubbington Green 10K36:5803:42min/km65th72.12%
06 Jan 2018Somerley 10km: 4th - freezing cold but content I suppose, bring on Stubbington :)38:27---
17 Sep 2017Andover Food Bank Lake Run 10K38:3403:51min/km5th69.32%
28 Aug 2017Appleshaw 10.5km off road - 4th43:56---
21 May 2017Southampton AC Netley 10K39:3003:57min/km56th67.68%
23 Apr 2017ABP Southampton 10K40:5004:15min/km33rd62.83%
02 Apr 2017BHF Bournemouth Bay 10K39:0303:54min/km17th68.46%